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CPL introduces Smart Ball – Check out details of this ‘Microchip’ installed new innovation in cricket

Srinagar, 26 August: Innovations are part and parcel of Modern-day cricket and with every passing year or phase, we see new technologies and innovations introduced. In line with that Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is set to introduce -Smart Ball- to make it a completely different ball game.

The Smart Ball was used in the tournament instead of the traditional ball, developed by sports technology company Sportcor in collaboration with leading ball manufacturer Kookaburra. It will be the first time such kind of a ball will be used in a professional league.

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So, let’s get straight to the point. What is this Smart Ball?

The smart ball is kind of an intelligent ball that has an electronic chip embedded in it. The chip with sensors sends information such as speed, spin, power in real-time which can be viewed on a smartwatch, mobile, or tablet, or computer/laptop via a specially designed app. The data can then be used to analyze, compare, broadcast, and recognize talent.

Does the Smart Ball behave differently as compared to the regular Kookaburra ball?

and had it third-party verified. The ball’s been used in a blind test in Australian cricket in a Marsh Cup 50-over match where the balls were used in the match just to have a look and see if there was any reaction from the players. And there was none. So we’ve had everything verified and measured. All we’ve done is replace the cork rubber compound. It’s in the center of the cricket ball. And matched it perfectly (with the chip).”

What are the data points that the Smart Ball provides currently?

Speed, spin, and power. The unique thing about the ball is it gives the spin and speed of the ball post bounce as well. The other technologies available right now record speed at the point of release of the ball and before hitting the pitch. Smart Ball has the following in-depth data points

1) Pre-Bounce Speed (km/h) – Speed just before the ball bounces

2) Post-Bounce Speed (km/h) – Speed of the ball just after it bounces

3) Release Spin (RPM) – Revolutions on the ball at the point the bowler releases it

4) Post-Bounce Spin (RPM) – Revolutions after the bounce

5) Power (Watts) – Amount of power/effort the bowler puts into the ball

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