The Ball Blaster 2023 Championship

Football is a global sport that attracts millions of fans around the world as the number one single sport and one of the most commercially viable sports. The Leagues such as “English Premier League”, “La Liga”, “Serie A”, “Bundesliga”, “League 1”, “J-League” etc. are a few that comes to our mind that creates so much glamour, enthusiasm, and rich value. The above leagues are on a different platform altogether and are watched by millions of fans all over the world with huge revenues for these clubs and other stakeholders involved with these clubs and leagues.

As such a situation worldwide, Sri Lankan Football has fallen into a depth where most Sri Lankans are losing interest in this world-renowned game. Therefore, as a responsible Sports Management Company Aasgard Sports (Private) Limited in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sri Lanka School Football Association decided to come forward to support this renowned game to take back its glory days.  Therefore, we wish to inform you that with a vision of taking football to its glory days in Sri Lanka, we are all set to launch Sri Lanka’s first-ever The Ball Blaster Tournament grandly in the upcoming month.

Further, without any doubt, this will be the most prestigious, popular, and extravagant Football Championship that shall take place on Sri Lankan soil for Schools.

The “Ball Blaster” participation in Sri Lanka’s 116 Schools (Division I, Division II & Women’s Division I) Island-wide ensures a strong viewership and following of over 4 Million direct eyeballs. This is our first-ever such tournament organized to facilitate the School Footballers.

Nevertheless, to expand our viewership for other Football lovers, we wish to inform you that we have taken steps to telecast the Quarter Finals round, semi-finals and final to be live telecast through TV One and to have commercial rights during the play of these matches.