Road to Glory of Blue Star SC

Blue Star SC became the champions of the inaugural Super League conducted by the Football Federation of Sri Lanka.
Blue Star started their journey in this season with a loss against his rivalry Red Star SC.

But after the first loss, Blue Star stand back very strongly and they have dominated the tournament very simply, where the other big teams of the tournament like Up Country Lions, Colombo FC and Sea-Hawks were running for the title.

Blue Star SC Coached by the very experienced and talented coach Mr Devasagayam

Match Results

Match NoDateTeam ATeam BResults
Match 0219th APR 21Blue Star SCRed Star FC2 – 4 (Loss)
Match 0623rd APR 21Blue Star SCColombo FC1 – 0 (Won)
Match 1201st MAY 21Blue Star SCRatnam SC3 – 0 (Won)
Match 1612th JUN 21Renown SCBlue Star SC0 – 0 (Draw)
Match 2210th Dec 21UpCountry LionsBlue Star SC1 – 2 (Won)
Match 2816th Dec 21Blue Star SCSew Hawks FC3 – 0 (Won)
Match 3829th Dec 21Defenders FCBlue Star SC1 – 3 (Won)
Match 3907th Jan 22Blue Star SCNew Youngs FC4 – 1 (Won)
Match 4411th Jan 22Blue Star SCBlue Eagles SC3 – 2 (Won)

In a summary, Blue Star SC gain 22 points by winning 7 matches drawn 01 and losing 01 Match.
7 winning matches x 3 points = 21 Points
1 draw match x 1 point = 1 point
Total of 22 Points

Shenal Shandesh became the highest goal-scorer by scoring 10 goals in the tournament

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