Packeer Ali commented on Sri Lanka lost against Bangladesh in SAFF

Former National team Head Coach commented on the loss against Bangladesh in SAFF Championship 2021.

“Gentlemen facts are stubborn:-

Competitive match practice is essential for players, clubs, and national teams before participating in a major tournament.

Bangladesh concluded its premier league very recently where I was a participant as a head coach for the Bangladesh Police team and I know very well the level of the competition. Furthermore the quality of the foreign players from Brazil, Argentina, Russian states, and Africa who are playing for each and every club.

Then again soon after the completion of the Premier League, Bangladesh competed in a three-nation tournament in Krykistan before the Oredoo Cup in the Maldives.

Whereas Sri Lanka’s major tournament got disrupted due to the covid situation, then again Mr. Jaswar’s tireless efforts of trying to send the Sri Lanka national team to Qatar for training failed due to the covid situation.

Qatar tour would have been a fantastic training program for the lads where the team could have played some really competitive matches before the Maldives.

Thanks again to the President Mr. Jaswar who made it possible for the Sri Lanka national team to train in Riyadh.

With the above facts, I think Sri Lanka did well by losing 0 – 1 against a stronger experienced Bangladesh squad by a penalty.

Winning matches is possible if we approach the rest of the games by using the players in their appropriate positions, the first eleven starters, substitutions – the correct player at the correct time as per situation and definitely the style of play (eg. Direct play to a target player or constructive football) also not forgetting the strategy plan to win or draw as per the present situation.

We from outside have to support and encourage the players throughout the tournament.

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