05 Greatest Trophies Across Different Sports

  1. FIFA World Cup Trophy
  • Awarded For: Winning Football World Cup
  • Made of: 18-carat gold
  • Introduced in: 1974 FIFA World Cup
  • Designer: Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni (Italy)

The trophy is given to the World Cup-winning team every four years, the “FIFA World Cup Trophy” is made of gold and it replaced the first world cup trophy called “Jules Rimet Trophy” after the 1970 world cup. It was first introduced in the 1974 world cup and made of pure 18-carat gold and weighs around 6.1 kilograms. Its design feature two human bodies holding earth”.

2. The Ashes (Cricket)

  • Awarded for: Winner of annual 5 test match series between England-Australia
  • Made of: terracotta and contains a burnt bail
  • Introduced in: 1883-84 test series between England-Australia

Early history accounts vary but its widely considered that after 1882 test series win by Australia in England. British newspaper “Sporting times” published an article about “death of cricket in England and Ashes set to be taken to Australia” referring to Australia win against England. A year later when England travel to Australia for the test series, English captain vowed to take back the Ashes.

3. Wimbledon (Men’s singles Tennis)

  • Awarded For: Men’s singles winner
  • Made of: Silver Gilt, Height 18 inches
  • Introduced in: first presented by All England Club in 1887, it replaced the Field Cup used in previous 6 years.

First ever Wimbledon Championship took place in 1877 and a trophy called “Field Cup” was awarded to the winner of men’s singles event. But William Renshaw won three titles in a row twice hence keeping the “field cup (1877-83) and Champions Cup (1984-86). That prompted All England Club to present a new trophy to the winner which was made of silver gilt and it was decided that players cannot keep the trophy no matter how many times they win the event.

4. Webb Ellis Cup (Rugby)

  • Awarded For: Winning Rugby Union World Cup
  • Made of: Gilded silver, weights around 4.5 kg
  • Introduced in: 1987 Rugby World Cup
  • Designer: Carrington & Co. of London designed the original trophy back in 1906

The Webb Ellis Cup was introduced in the first Rugby Union World Cup and awarded to the winner. The trophy used was actually a historic silverware made back in 1906 by Carrington and Co of London. When Rugby World Cup 1987 was announced, secretary of International Rugby Federation set off on finding an appropriate trophy for the world cup and he visited “Garrard & Co” Jewelers in London where this trophy was shown to him. He liked the design and presented it to Rugby countries participating in the first every world cup.

5.Stanley Cup (NHL)

  • Awarded For: Winning playoffs in National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Made of: Silver and nickel alloy, weighs at around 15.5 kilograms
  • Introduced in: 1893 for the best amateur ice hockey team in canada
  • Designer: Named after Lord Stanley, who brought a simple rose-bowl which was made in Sheffield England and used it as a trophy awarded to Canada’s best amateur hockey team every year.

Stanley Cup has a rich history and it is named after its very first owner Lord Stanley who was the governor of Canada in last 1880’s to early 1990’s. He was ICE Hockey enthusiast. Lord Stanley alongside his family played a key role in Ice Hockey development in Canada starting an yearly amateur “Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup”.

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